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My family started coming to Luxury Auto Depot to service our 1998 Mercedes Benz. We were blown away by the excellent customer service by the staff and owner Hernan Bobienko. Hernan is extremely knowledgeable about all makes and models of cars. He works diligently to find the perfect car for you. Service is speedy and the work is honest. He goes that extra mile for you and treats you like family. We have since bought two vehicles from LAD and now get all of our cars serviced there. I recommend all my friends looking for cars to Hernan and humbly recommend him to you...

Paolo from Indianapolis

I have worked with Luxury Auto Depot on several occasions. I have sold BMWs, bought BMWs and also had them serviced by their friendly and expert staff. Each time I have worked with owner Hernan Bobienko it was an easy and pleasant experience. Hernan is very professional, knowledgeable and (not always true of this industry) honest person. He has helped me research various vehicles, test drive them and, in turn, made the paperwork process to purchase a snap. I highly recommend this dealership and their service department. It is always a great experience and I will never buy a foreign automobile at any place other than Luxury Auto Depot.

Dan Elmore

Luxury auto depot is the only place that we will ever buy our cars. After, many years of purchasing foreign automobiles from major dealerships.,We drove buy and spotted a car we liked. We decided just to stop in and check it out. the owner greeted us and after 3 hours we left the dealership. The personal concern for what we wanted was amazing, and they just treat you like a you are a close friend.We have purchased 3 cars from Luxury Auto Depot and we also now have all of our cars serviced there as well. I can say the quality and price are excellent!!.
We thank everyone at Luxury Auto Depot

Brannon & Lisa Moore

I purchased a 2005 Audi S4 from Hernan at Luxury Auto Depot in late January 2010. The S4 had 45K miles on it at the time of purchase. I drove by the dealership every day on my drive home and eyed the Dolphin Grey S4, but just wasn’t sure I wanted to purchase a used high performance sedan, or have a car payment, especially from a dealership that was just setting up in Plainfield. Finally, I stopped by the dealership and met Hernan and took the car for a test drive. Over for years later, I can tell you that I am thrilled with the Audi, and consider Hernan a friend.
I have driven the S4 as my daily driver for the past four years with very little service work being required, and all of which I would consider minor. Luxury Auto Depot has performed most of the routine maintenance on my S4, including: oil changes and replacing brake pads and rotors. When service and diagnosis has been required, Luxury Auto Depot has always been there to support me and the vehicle that they sold, often performing the service work at a fraction of the cost of the local Audi dealership.
One service trip in particular gained my trust in Luxury Auto Depot’s service department’s competence more than any other. At 62K miles, after driving the car trouble-free for nearly 20K miles, the car had developed two problems. First, the windshield wipers would not work, at least not well. Second, the trunk lid no longer worked using the in-door switch or key fob to open the trunk lid. There had been a recall on the coil packs in the engine by Audi, so I scheduled an appointment to have the local Audi dealership replace the coil packs under recall. While in the Audi dealership, I had requested they diagnose the windshield wiper problem and the trunk lid problem. After three hours, the Audi Senior Technician informed me that I would need a windshield wiper motor and a wiper bracket to repair the wiper issue.
Audi quoted $1,250 to repair this issue. After those three hours, Audi could not diagnose the root cause of the trunk lid issue, but suggested that I could leave the car with them overnight and they could perform a full electrical check, to the tune of $500 for the diagnostic hook-up. The $500 was just the cost to diagnose the problem, with no guarantee of finding the problem. Even if the problem was found, I would still have the cost of the repair. I politely declined both, and immediately drove the car to Luxury Auto Depot. The technician at LAD examined the windshield wipers, and informed me that I only needed the wiper motor, not the bracket as well. Luxury Auto Depot repaired my wipers for $250. During that same trip, the technician identified a pinched wire in the trunk harness that was causing the trunk lid not to work.
For a total of $210, that issue was also fixed. I was on the road with both issues fixed for under the price of just the diagnosis of one of my issues from the Audi dealership, one of which they couldn’t identify with three hours of work!
At approximately 71K miles I had hit a large pothole and experienced power steering issues and a loud pumping noise. The technician at LAD accurately diagnosed my problem and replaced the power steering hoses that had been ruptured in the incident. While performing that work, the technician advised me that I had a slight leak from the gaskets and suggested that I have the valve gaskets replaced when I could. Rather than using high pressure sales or scaring me into getting the work performed, LAD took more of an advisor role and informed me that the work was important long-term, but would likely not cause any short-term harm. I took the car up the next week to have the gaskets replaced and have not had an issue since.
To anyone considering buying a vehicle from Luxury Auto Depot, or is considering having their service work performed at Luxury Auto Depot, I would recommend them without reservation. You will not be disappointed, and you’ll be glad to have a dealership you can trust and built a long-term partnership with.

Branden Harbin

I live in Virginia and want to express my strongest support for President Hernan Bobienko and his fantastic team at Luxury Auto Depot, located just outside Indianapolis. I have purchased a number of vehicles over the years, and never have I had a better experience than with Luxury Auto Depot. I should add that this also was the first time that I purchased a vehicle remotely from another part of the country. I made the offer sight unseen over the phone, and took a flight to Indiana to make payment and pick it up. The entire transaction worked out even better than expected. To do something like this, you really need to feel comfortable with the seller, by sensing a great level of trust and professionalism.
LAD exceeded my expectations in every way possible.
I spent several months conducting a search for the last model year of Land Rover’s Discovery model, 2004, before Rover moved to the LR3. I could have purchased one right here in Virginia, but I am glad that I held out for LAD in Indiana. I was seeking the ’04 Discovery SE7, which includes the 3rd of jump seats—a special request of my kids, but more difficult to find. Other sellers tried to sell me something I did not want, i.e., no 3rd be added later.
The two distinguishing factors of Luxury Auto Depot are (1) exceptionally high quality with an acute attention to detail, and (2) an amazing work ethic based on absolute honesty and integrity. These qualities come from the top of the company’s management team, from its president Hernan Bobienko himself. The president of the company comes from the professional auto racing circuit in Argentina. He is highly skilled in the area of complex, luxury vehicles, with very strong capabilities in vehicle assessment, diagnosis and maintenance. He may admit to being a perfectionist, with an incredible attention to detail, as if the car you are buying were going to be his own. When I flew out there, I was greeting by his office manager, Yessica. She is delightful, very sharp and courteous, offering me a cup of fresh coffee while I waited for the Rover.
A few more observations about Luxury Auto Depot:
• Best-in-class online marketing. Luxury Auto Depot goes to painstaking detail in order to ensure that the vehicles highlighted on its website are extremely well presented for the on- line shopper, yet not in a misleading way. The photography and cleanliness of the vehicles are among the best I have seen. The LAD team is very particular about the vehicles it acquires, ensuring that they exceed the expectations of the most discriminating client.
• Honesty. Upon my arrival to LAD from Indianapolis airport, I was picked up right away by the company president. He immediately let me know that the Discovery had two issues arise: a door latch needed replacing and ABS warning lights showed a fault. The Discovery is well- known for its delicate electrical system, to put it mildly. He explained to me what needed to take place and said that he would not feel comfortable selling me the vehicle until those items were fixed. He could have offered a discount and wished me luck to figure them out myself, but instead this company went the extra mile—many extra miles!—to replace the door latch and kill the stubborn fault lights. Three dash lights were actually on. By the end of this transaction, Mr. Bobienko assured me that they had effectively diagnosed the problem and killed “the three amigos.” Six months later, and the 3 amigo warning lights have not returned!
• Fairness. The quality and average market price ratio at Luxury Auto Depot is fair. You know what you are getting, you feel very comfortable doing business here, and you will drive off feeling like you will want to continue doing business with them in the future.

There were other exceptional details and incredible attention that I received from Luxury Auto Depot. Suffice it to say that this was an extremely smooth transaction and I am a very happy client. I recommend Luxury Auto Depot to anyone who shares a passion for high-quality vehicles. In my view, Mr. Bobienko deserves to do business only with those clients who truly appreciate his level of professionalism and excellence. I wish his company the greatest success and I hope to fly out to Indy again for my next vehicle purchase.

Allen Finch. Richmond, Virginia

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